ProductPackagePackage TypeFrequency RangeData
SX-222.5 x 2.0mm SMD16.000MHz to 50.000MHz
SX-323.2 x 2.5mm SMD12.000MHz to 50.000MHz
SX-85 x 3.2mmSMD10.000MHz to 50.000MHz
SX-66 x 3.5mmSMD10.000MHz to 80.000MHz
SX-75 x 7mmSMD6.000MHz to 125.000MHz
UM-1UM-1Through-hole7.000MHz to 200.000MHz
UM-5UM-5Through-hole7.000MHz to 200.000MHz
ATS-25/UHC25/UThrough-hole3.2768MHz to 85.000MHz
ATS-49/UHC49/US Through-hole3.2768MHz to 85.000MHz
ATS-51/UHC51/UThrough-hole3.2768MHz to 85.000MHz
SX-1HC49/UPSMD3.2768MHz to 85.000MHz
SX-3HC49/UP (short)SMD3.2768MHz to 85.000MHz
SX-5HC49/UP (four pad)SMD3.2768MHz to 85.000MHz
HC-49/UHC49/UThrough-hole1.700MHz to 85.000MHz
HC-49/THC49/UTThrough-hole4.000MHz to 85.000MHz
CH-2062 x 6mmThrough-hole32.768kHz and 75.000kHz
CH-3083 x 8mmThrough-hole32.768kHz and 75.000kHz
CS-1461.5 x 7mmSMD32.768kHz and 75.000kHz
CS-4054 x 9.6mm
CS-3063.2 x 8mmSMD32.768kHz and 75.000kHz
CS-5191.8 x 4.9mmSMD32.768kHz